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The deep physical, mental and emotional effects

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Catherine Dean RCSHom - 25 years of expertise in Natural Health

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                        Historic Steveston Village                                  Vancouver near Cambie Station

                         12th House Healing Arts                                             Vestta Whole Health

                      Suite 270-3580 Moncston St                                      Suite 111-511 West 7th

                       Richmond, B.C V7E 3A4                                           Vancouver, B.C. V5Z 4R2


Take a gentler approach to greater peace of mind, increased physical & mental vigor.

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When our physical body is not as strong, it takes longer to recover. Classical Homeopathy helps to strengthen the vitality of the body to resist outside influences that can make us acutely ill. At a deeper constitutional level, homeopathic treatment supports the body’s ability to overcome chronic illness. Unique in its overall approach, Classical Homeopathic treatment also takes into consideration all kinds of mental and emotional stress, past or present, as important factors that influence our current state of health.


Nutritional Supplementation is often superior support for our body’s health and healing when compared to pharmaceuticals that suppress symptoms. This fact is well documented in many current medical journals. As government regulations become more stringent regarding natural health products, we are assured there is a role natural medicines have to play in our individual choice of a personal health regime.


“Medicine, 300 years ago, decided to go with a chemical-mechanical view of the body. The biochemical model is correct but incomplete. Now that we can measure subtle, electro-magnetic fields, the paradigm must change. I believe energy-field medicine is the wave of the future…and it was the laying-on of hands that brought us here.” Valerie Hunt, Ed.D. neurophysiologist and researcher in Energy Medicine, Professor Emeritus, UCLA


“Each person is a Sun, a Moon and a Heaven filled with Stars…”

Paracelsus, 16th century philosopher & physician


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Professional Associations, Awards & Certifications

  • West Coast Homeopathic Society
  • Canadian Society of Homeopaths


  • • Holistic Health
  • • Classical Homeopathy
  • • Stress Management
  • • Anxiety and Fear
  • • Immune System Health
  • • Mental and Emotional Health
  • • Chronic Illness
  • • Reflexology and Bio-Energy
  • • Spiritual Counselling (Bio-Cosmic model)

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